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Bakun, A Fresh New Tourism Destination in Belaga

Nature's Landscape in Bakun Dam's Site

When one talks about Bakun, naturally what comes to mind is the Bakun Hydro Dam, the size of which is 13 times larger than the whole of Singaporeisland. Bakun is located in Belaga and the second biggest hydro dam in the world which is located right in central Borneo island.

The hydro is projected to supply cheap electricity power for the country and even being proposed to be exported to neighbouring countries such like BruneiIndonesia and even toThailand. Bakun is part of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), which encompassing an area of  70,000 sq km.

Explore The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo! People living in Belaga, which is one of the most remote districts in Malaysia, are looking forward to the completion of Bakun hydroelectric project to generate a new economic activity – the tourism industry. Belaga is the pillar and the heart of Sarawak, Borneo

Two long earlobe Kelabit ladies with a tourist

Tourism industry or the Bakun hydro dam particularly is now in processing of impoundment, and expected to be completed in few months, would change the landscape in the district.
Once the impoundment complete, there will be a lot of new islands created, and this will provide new potential for the people here to promote them to anglers and eco-tourists. Hence, more people are expected to involve in the tourism industry.
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