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Spinning with TV3: A Najib Razak and team production

by  Ismail Dahlan

While I do not usually watch TV3, and cannot remember the last time I switched to it, I did make a point to watch on Monday night. I was curious how they would handle, or spin rather, Marina Mahathir’s support of Ambiga Sreenevasan and her telling off of a TV3 reporter.

Marina had been completely blocked out of the report. Based on TV3’s version, she was never there. Ambiga however was prominently featured being interviewed by police who visited the Tenaganita office in Jalan Gasing.

TV3 then showed Ambiga, visibly angry, daring TV3 to broadcast her comments and threatening to sue them for portraying Seksualiti Merdeka as a free sex party. TV3 broadcast her comments. Now, before you start congratulating TV3 for broadcasting both sides of the story, note that Ambiga was talking in English.

The viewers who watch TV3’s 8pm news broadcast are predominantly Malay. What they would have seen is Ambiga looking angry, waving her arms about and speaking in a language they can’t really understand. Clever TV3, the nation’s only tongue-in-cheek propagandist.

Something needs to be done about the police

And what on earth were the police doing there? Perhaps they have been misled by Khalid Abu Bakar, the Deputy IGP, formerly Selangor CPO and superior officer to Kugan’s tormentors. Also under whose careless watch the shooting death of Aminulrasyid and the horrific Banting murders occurred. Khalid had appeared on NTV7 and made the remarkable declaration that homosexuality was against Malaysian law. It is, of course, an incorrect statement. There is no such law.

And so it goes on, this shameful persecution of minority communities, in this case the LGBT community. They are forced to live in the shadows, in fear, even though they are Malaysian citizens with constitutionally guaranteed protections.

One wonders how long Prime Minister Najib Razak and his government can keep this up.

Atheists conference, anyone?

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